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What is Carbide? Usage Areas and Features

What is Carbide Usage Areas and Features

Carbide is a material frequently used in industrial applications. It usually consists of a mixture of tungsten carbide and cobalt. This mixture is combined through a metallurgical process to obtain an extremely hard and durable material.


What is Diamond Carbide?


Diamond carbide has an important place in the carbide industry. Unlike tungsten carbide, it also contains diamond powders. This makes the material even harder and more durable. Diamond carbide has high resistance to wear and is often used in operations such as cutting, drilling and grinding.


What are the End Mill Types?


Carbide end mills are one of the important tools used in industrial processes. These routers have different insert types and each is designed for specific operations. The most common types of end mills are:


  • flat tip
  • round tip
  • tapered tip
  • reverse cut
  • T-handle
  • double ended


These various types of end mills are designed to suit different machining needs and have a wide range of uses in industry. Choosing the right end mill can improve machining quality and maximize productivity. Choosing the most suitable type of end mill for your machining processes can increase productivity as well as improve the quality of workpieces.


How to Determine Carbide Mill Cutting Speed?


Carbide milling cutting speed is determined depending on the type of material to be processed, the type of router bit and the properties of the material to be processed. Usually, manufacturers specify the recommended cutting speed and feed rate values for each router bit type. These values must be taken into account to ensure optimum machining conditions and extend cutter life.


How Do I Extend the Life of a Carbide End Mill?


There are several ways to extend the life of carbide end mills:

  1. Use Correct Cutting Parameters: Cutting too fast or slow can shorten router life. Follow the cutting speed and feed rate recommended by the manufacturer.
  2. Use the Correct Cooling and Lubrication System: By using the correct cooling and lubrication system during the milling process, you can reduce the wear of the router bits and extend their life.
  3. Timely Replacement: By replacing worn or damaged router bits in a timely manner, you can improve machining quality and increase productivity.


Carbide is a material that plays an important role in industrial applications and is used in many different areas. With the right selection, correct use and maintenance, you can get the best performance from carbide end mills and increase productivity.