Titanium Wire

Our Titanium Cutting Wires are enhanced with suitable alloys, making them ideal for hand cutting tools, CNC cutting machines, and block cutting machines worldwide. These wires offer rapid cuts, a clean finish, and long-lasting durability. The Öncel CNC Machine provides a spacious working surface and straightforward tools, suitable for precise milling and cutting.

Machine Details

Hot cutting wires used for EPS and similar foam materials primarily rely on the Titanium Cutting Wire. These wires are crafted from titanium alloys, enhanced with special compounds, and have been perfected for hot cutting through extensive testing and experience. The desired speed and quality of the cut depend on the alloy composition and the rigorous processes the wire undergoes. These processes significantly enhance the wire’s tensile strength. Here are some key benefits of our cutting wire:

  • Rapid and efficient cutting
  • Produces a smooth surface finish on the material
  • Offers extended durability without snapping

CNC Router Eps and Titanium Wire

Utilizing the CNC Router Eps Computer, even novices can achieve satisfactory quality and dependable results. It’s an optimal choice for those aiming to craft decorative pieces or delve into the world of CNC routing. The Öncel CNC Machine, for instance, features a spacious workspace and user-friendly tools, making it perfect for precise milling and cutting operations.

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