Styrofoam Shredder Machine

The Styrofoam Shredder Machine, developed by Oncel CNC, efficiently manages foam waste. Designed for post-production needs, it specializes in melting scrap styrofoam remnants from frame cutting processes. This innovative machine not only aids in waste reduction but also promotes recycling and sustainability.

Machine Details

The Oncel CNC Machine’s Styrofoam Shredder is an advanced device designed to efficiently manage foam waste. It specializes in melting scrap styrofoam from frame cutting processes and breaking them into fine particles for easier disposal or reuse.

The machine’s versatile workbenches offer functionalities such as cutting, spraying, and mixing. Specifically, the CNC cutting feature ensures a clean and precise cut of styrofoam, while the spraying function applies a mortar coat to the foam. Additionally, the machine can produce a useful mortar blend by combining regular mortar with acrylic.

Due to its versatility, the shredder is favored by a variety of businesses, most notably hotels, cafes, and the construction sector. The price and specifications of the CNC machine can vary based on the choice between xps or eps cutting. Moreover, investing in our latest R&D innovations can provide additional benefits for your business and workforce.

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