Styrofoam Molds 50×2000 cm

Our specially designed Styrofoam molds are crafted from aluminum for durability and longevity. Their surfaces are equipped with an anti-adhesion Teflon coating to ensure maximum performance and ease of use. This coating prevents products from sticking to the molds, ensuring flawless results with each use.

Machine Details

Size: 50 x 2000 cm

Introducing our Styrofoam molds, expertly crafted from aluminum and finished with an anti-adhesion Teflon coating for optimum results. Our state-of-the-art Eps Styrofoam Pattern Printing Machine employs high-pressure techniques to press these heated molds onto products, creating intricate patterns with precision. With the trusted guarantee of Prel CNC Machinery, our machines come with a two-year warranty.

Whether it’s for cafes, restaurants, or hotels, these printed patterns can enhance wall and ceiling decorations, offering designs such as broken brick, stone, and standard brick motifs. Importantly, while the machine has its price, individual pattern costs can vary. Rest assured, every purchase with Öncel CNC Makine promises quality assurance and a two-year guarantee on both machines and patterns.

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