Styrofoam Melting Machine

Styrofoam Melting Device is an advanced tool designed for efficient waste management. It specializes in melting residual styrofoam scraps that are a byproduct of frame cutting processes. This innovative machine not only reduces waste but also ensures a more eco-friendly approach to handling leftover materials. By transforming these scraps back into a usable form, it offers businesses a sustainable solution to styrofoam disposal.

Item Unit ACM1500
Machine Sizes MM 2000x800x2300
Max. Waste Sizes MM 2000x600x600
Sytrafoam Melting Capacity KG/MIN 2
Motor Power KW 5.5
Max Melting Sizes MM 600×600
Safety Control MM Emergency Button
Body Structure Steel

Machine Details

The Oncel CNC Machine’s Styrofoam Melting Device is specifically designed to melt residual scraps from frame cutting.

This machine proficiently melts the styrofoam scraps resulting from jamb cutting operations. It comes equipped with auxiliary scanners tailored for CNC operations. The Siensi workstations ensure a clean and efficient styrofoam cutting experience. Furthermore, the machine has a feature to coat the styrofoam with grout. When mixed, this grout offers enhanced utility. The machine finds its significant usage in sectors like hotels, cafes, and predominantly in the construction industry.

Known also as the styrofoam densifier machine, its price can vary depending on the material type, be it EPS or XPS. With the integration of new R&D findings, this machine promises to enhance operational efficiency for businesses and their workers.

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