Standard Mortar Spraying Machine

The Mortar Spraying Machine uses a manual-trigger single gun to apply pressurized mortar on raw materials, including cut styrofoam, panels, and cornerstones. With the driver’s control, the gun operates independently, and the pump adjusts the pressure as needed.

Machine Details

The Standard Mortar Spraying Machine provides a pressurized spray on raw materials like cut styrofoam, panels, and cornerstones using a manually triggered single gun. This gun operates independently under the driver’s control, and when in use, the pump generates the appropriate pressure.

With manual triggering, you can coat styrofoam efficiently. However, for a more uniform application, a fully automatic spraying machine is recommended. Generally, the spray will have consistent thickness.

In contrast, manual spraying might not always result in uniform thickness. That’s why we recommend the fully automatic sprayer. Wondering about the cost of the jamb spraying machine? With the assurance of CNC machinery, you can obtain top-quality mortar spraying machines backed by a 2-year warranty.

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Fully Automatic Mortar Spraying Machine

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