Jamb Mortar Mixing Machine Fully Automatic

Fully Automatic Jamb Mortar Mixing Machine: Equipped with an effective safety control system, professional electrical design, and quality assurance. Features a wear-resistant mortar conveying system, precise weighing system, and a uniquely designed, tightly sealed mortar discharge valve to prevent leakage. The 7-operator touch panel interface ensures an optimal working environment. Boasts quick setup times and low installation costs, while the automatic shut-off function ensures safe operation and minimizes production losses.

Machine Details

Item Unit AOM1S5000
Valve Type Inch 6 Special Design
Filling Volume KG 250
Mixing Speed KG/H 5000/1
Air Pressure BAR 5–7
Electrical Input V/HZ 380/50
Motor KW 9
Tolerance % 1
Control Panel Inch 7 PLC
Weight KG 1400
Machine Dimensions MM 3600x4200x5200


Öncel Cnc Makine offers the Fully Automatic Jamb Mortar Mixing Machine which is equipped with an efficient safety control system, professional electrical design, and quality assurance. Furthermore, it has a wear-resistant conveying system and an accurate weighing system.

This fully automatic frame mortar mixing machine is straightforward to use, promising to streamline your production process, saving both manpower and time.

Features of the JAMB MORTAR MIXER include:

  • Model Name: OSHK 3000
  • Valve Outer Diameter: 150 mil
  • Fault Tolerance: 1%
  • Filling Volume: 1kg – 250 KG
  • Filling Speed: 3000 KG/TIME
  • Air Pressure: 5-7 BAR
  • Electric Input: AC 380V / 50Hz
  • Electric Power: 10 KW
  • Weight: 1400KG
  • Dimensions: 2200 mm * 1200 mm * 2200 mm

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