Jamb Mortar Mixer Machine 1000 kg

Jamb Mortar Mixer Machine (1000 kg): This is a specialized machine tailored for frame production. It efficiently blends the acrylic mortar, ensuring both consistency and optimal thickness for application.

Item Unit ASM1000
Valve Type Inch 6 Special Design
Filling Volume KG 1000
Mixing Speed KG/H 1000/1
Air Pressure BAR ——
Electrical Input V/HZ 380/50
Motor KW 5
Tolerance % Manual
Control Panel Inch —-
Weight KG 1000
Machine Dimensions MM 1668x2950x4655

Machine Details

Jamb Mortar Mixer Machine specializes in blending acrylics for frame production, ensuring a consistent texture and thickness.

The Frame Mortar Mixer Machine is designed specifically to mix acrylics for jambs to achieve the right consistency. With its fully automatic system, it ensures quality and safety in every operation.

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Key Features of the Jamb Mortar Mixer Machine include:

  • An efficient and reliable safety system.
  • Dimensions of 1850 x 2800 x 3270 mm.
  • A machine diameter of 925 mm.
  • A robust working capacity of 3500 kilograms per day.
  • Mortar discharge rate averaging 25 kilograms per minute.
  • Engine strength at 5 kW.
  • An 800 NM torque helical geared mono block reducer.
  • Maximum mixing cycle of 65 days.
  • A control panel with speed adjustment, right-left directional settings, and a full security system for the operator.


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