Hot Wire CNC Styrofoam Cutting Machine (EPS)

Öncel CNC’s EPS Styrofoam Cutting Machine is expertly designed for crafting exterior insulation and decorative items. It excels in producing panels, crowns, floor plastering, and applique keystones. These products are pivotal for enhancing building façades and ensuring thermal efficiency.

Machine Details

Öncel CNC’s Styrofoam Cutting Machine specializes in the production of items like frames, panels, crowns, floor moldings, and applique keystones. These are primarily used for insulation and decorative purposes on exterior facades.

This CNC machine offers precision with its 3D cutting capabilities. It skillfully crafts intricate designs in styrofoam, making it a popular choice among businesses such as hotels, cafes, and restaurants for decorative purposes.

CNC EPS Foam Cutting Machine

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