Eps Styrofoam Pattern Printing Machine

Eps Styrofoam Pattern Printing Machine is Used in The Production Of Decorative Frames Used in Exterior Such As Wood-Looking, Stone-Like, Broken Brick Patterns. We Obtain These Patterns By Pressing The Heated Mold On The Product At High Pressure.

Machine Details

Item Unit Epm2000
Machine Dimensions MM 637X2650X2000
Product Measurements MM 500X2000X400
Product Holding System Holding With Vacuum
Body Structure Steel
Mold Heating System Plate Resistance
Mold Movement System Hydraulic Pressure
Molding Press Power KG 3200
Body Color Blue Gray
Electric Power V 380
Mold System Teflon Coated Plate On Aluminum
Mold Working Distance MM Max 350
Production Capacity M/MIN 6
Motor Power KW 14


The Eps Styrofoam Pattern Printing Machine specializes in creating decorative frames for exteriors, offering designs such as Wood Look, Stone Look, and Broken Brick Patterns. These intricate designs are achieved by pressing a heated mold onto the product with significant force.

This state-of-the-art machine is capable of replicating various natural textures such as stone, wood, and brick. To ensure the highest quality, we use advanced molding techniques that evolve with the product’s design. If you’re wondering about the cost, the Eps Styrofoam Printing Machine comes at competitive prices, and with the assurance of Prel CNC machinery, you’ll receive a 2-year warranty.

Moreover, the machine is adept at imprinting a diverse range of designs onto styrofoam, making it a sought-after tool in various industries. The versatility of the Eps Styrofoam Printing Machine has made it a popular choice among cafes and restaurants for decorative purposes.

Notably, the pricing for the machine and the molds are separate. The available patterns range from geometric designs like circles and squares to more intricate ones like stone or brick textures. With the reliable manufacturing of Erkenl CNC Machinery, customers can benefit from a 2-year warranty on both machines and molds.

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