Edge Sizing Machine

The Oncel CNC’s Edge Sizing Machine is designed for optimal workplace safety. Its protective top cover emphasizes worker safety. Compatible with various workbenches, it meets the market’s changing demands and ensures efficient operations.

Item Unit ACM1500
Machine Dimensions MM 2500x3100x1900
Control Panel MM 600x500x200
Table Dimensions MM 1600×1600
Machine Cutting Capacity MM 600x2000x450
Energy Consumption of The Machine KW 5
Saw Type CM Strip(385×20)
Motor Power KW 2.2
Conver System Conver system
Machine Weight KG 500

Machine Details

The Edge Sizing Machine by Oncel CNC is designed with workplace safety as a priority, featuring a protective top cover. Tailored for various applications, our CNC machines adapt to different workbench types, with specifications and prices varying based on demand and requirements. Notably, our Siensi machines workbenches excel in cutting, spraying, and mixing functions.

For precision and clean cuts on styrofoam, our CNC technology is the go-to solution. It offers the added capability of applying a mortar coating on styrofoam and efficiently mixes mortar with acrylic to produce high-quality results. These machines are favored across various sectors, including hospitality establishments like hotels and cafes, with a particular emphasis on the construction industry. The price dynamics of our CNC machines depend on their features and type. For instance, choosing xps cutting over eps influences the pricing. We always encourage our clients to explore our latest R&D innovations, ensuring mutual benefits for both the enterprise and its workforce.

Diving deeper into our product range, the CNC EPS Styrofoam Cutting Machine stands out for its exterior insulation and decorative applications. It efficiently produces items like jambs, panels, crowns, floor wipes, and applique keystones with the option of three rotary tables. The unique 3D ROTARY TABLE MODULE allows intricate 3D cuts, facilitating the production of designs like polygons, twisted polygons, and oblique twisted polygons.

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