Arch And Base Cutting Machine

Arch and Base Cutting Machine is a specialized tool designed for intricate 3D styrofoam cutting. Not only does it craft precise column shapes, but it also produces a wide variety of unique styrofoam patterns. Whether for construction or decoration, this machine delivers unmatched precision and versatility.

Machine Details

Item Unit Acm1500
Machine Sizes MM 1020X1520X1740
Table Sizes MM 1500X1000
Be Used Wire Diameters MM Max 3
Max. Cuttig Sizes MM 1000X1000
Motor Power KW 0.75 X2
Machine Power KW 4
Machine Control System PLC
Machine Motion System Block Bearing
Safety Control Emergency Button
Body Structure Steel


Introducing the Arch and Base Cutting Machine, specialized for precise column and various styrofoam pattern cuts.

The Oval Column and Belt Cutting Machine boasts 3D styrofoam cutting capabilities, offering diverse pattern cuts with precision. The adaptability of CNC machines varies based on the workbench type, and these variations often reflect the shifting market prices and demands. The multifunctional features of Siensi machines allow for operations such as cutting, spraying, and mixing.

With our CNC technology, styrofoam is cut cleanly and efficiently. The spraying feature ensures a durable mortar coat on the styrofoam, and the mixing function enhances mortar utility by blending it with acrylic.

Oval Column and Belt Cutting Machine is the go-to choice for many businesses, especially popular within the hotel and cafe sectors, as well as being a top pick in the construction industry. Notably, CNC machine prices are influenced by the type of bench and machine. Options like choosing an xps cut over an eps cut might lead to price fluctuations. Our ongoing R&D efforts are aimed at benefiting both businesses and operators, which is why we continuously emphasize and invest in them.

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